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BBC News

Scottish independence: Cameron promises more powers for Scotland 'soon'
BBC News
"For instance, the SNP administration talked in its recent "Re-industrialising Scotland" paper about using the policy levers available through independence to focus on strengthening manufacturing, promoting innovation and encouraging international ...
Scotland's pro-independence campaign gains on final TV debate - pollReuters UK
Alistair Carmichael Says He Will Quit UK Government If Scotland Votes For ...Huffington Post UK
Scottish referendum: David Cameron makes plea to votersThe Guardian
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BBC News

Scottish independence: Alistair Carmichael 'may join' Team Scotland
BBC News
The Scottish secretary has indicated he could join Scotland's negotiating team for talks on independence if there is a "Yes" vote in next month's referendum. The Scotsman newspaper quoted Alistair Carmichael as saying he would find it "difficult" to ...

Gingers: Scotland's redheads - in pictures
The Guardian
Scotland has the highest percentage of people with red hair in the world, with Edinburgh - where 40% of people carry the gene - the global capital. Photographer Kieran Dodds, in his body of work Gingers, asked some of them what it meant to be a redhead.

NPR (blog)

It's Not Whisky, But Everyone In Scotland Drinks It By The Bottle
NPR (blog)
For a visitor to Scotland, it can be difficult to understand the local passion for a neon orange soda that locals call "the brew." The drink is Irn Bru (pronounced "iron brew"). You can find it from McDonald's to corner stores and pubs across Scotland ...

The Guardian

David Cameron's Scotland visit presents problem for the no campaign
The Guardian
David Cameron arrives in Scotland on Thursday in the peculiar position of being the old Etonian Tory leader who volunteered to help set up Scotland's independence referendum and the man hated by yes campaigners for being an old Etonian Tory.

Scotland's pro-independence leader steamrolls final TV debate before vote
By Alistair Smout GLASGOW Scotland (Reuters) - Scotland's pro-independence leader Alex Salmond easily won a final TV debate on Monday night just over three weeks before a breakaway referendum, but it wasn't clear if this would help him catch up in the polls. In a bruising debate before the Sept. 18 referendum, Salmond relentlessly talked over Alistair Darling, the leader of the anti-independence ...

Scotland posts independence ballots after debate clash
Scotland's first postal ballots for a referendum on independence headed to voters on Tuesday after the leader of the campaign to break away from Britain scored victory in a final TV debate. One-sixth of the Scottish electorate -- some 700,000 people -- could receive their polling papers as early as Wednesday, and begin answering the question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?" British ...

Carmichael 'may join' Team Scotland
The Scottish secretary indicates he could join Scotland's negotiating team for talks on independence if there is a "Yes" vote.

Scotland's pro-independence leader steamrolls debate
Scotland's pro-independence leader Alex Salmond won a final TV debate on Monday just over three weeks before a historic breakaway referendum.

Whisky's worries mirror economic fears in Scotland
ISLAY, Scotland (AP) ? Carl Reavey plunged his nose into the glass, inhaled the amber liquid's scent, then sipped. Slowly.

Final TV debate before Scotland's independence vote begins
By Alistair Smout GLASGOW Scotland (Reuters) - Two of Scotland's leading politicians began a final TV debate on Monday night, just weeks before a historic independence referendum, with secessionists looking for a game-changing performance to catch up in the polls. As the Sept. 18 vote nears, polls show the campaign to sever Scotland's 307-year union with England and leave the United Kingdom is ...

Pound Holds Advance Amid Speculation Scotland Concern Overdone
Three weeks before Scotland votes on whether to become independent, the pound held a gain versus the dollar amid speculation the debate on whether the nation will leave the union will not weigh on the U.K. currency.

Leaders clash in final debate before Scotland vote
LONDON (AP) ? Scotland's leading politician vied with Britain's former treasury chief in a heated televised debate Monday, making a final push to capture wavering voters three weeks ahead of a historic referendum on Scottish independence.

Scotland Builds Worlds Largest Tidal Array; Will Power 175K Homes
Scotland is currently working on building the world's biggest tidal array to supply power to 175,000 homes.  The array is expected to produce 100 jobs and the first phase will see four 1.5-megawatt turbines ...

Cameron warns of economic threat from Scottish breakaway
By Alistair Smout GLASGOW Scotland (Reuters) - British Prime Minister David Cameron told Scots on Thursday that much of their industry and more than one million jobs could be put in jeopardy if they vote next month to leave the United Kingdom. In a high-stakes gamble three weeks before a referendum, Cameron travelled to Glasgow to spell out the risks of secession, having previously remained ...