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Magic Forest


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Business Class

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MARSABIT, KENYA - 28 NOVEMBER 2008: An unknown woman from the tribe Tsonga collect water in bottles from the river.

MARSABIT, KENYA - 28 NOVEMBER 2008: An unknown woman from the tribe Tsonga collect water in bottles from the river in Marsabit, Kenya - 28 November 2008. The river and the river. Trees around.

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Asian traditional hand-washing in a lake

Habarane, Sri Lanka - December 04, 2011: Sri Lankian women are washing clothes in a lake on the stony steps.

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Back Lane .

Bowes, Teesdale, County Durham, UK .

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Frankton walkway Queenstown.

The Frankton Walkway provides a pleasant stroll along the lakeshore between Queenstown and Frankton.

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Springtime Trees Hugging A Tree Blossom Monochrome Light And Shadow Nature Spring Simplicity

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Berbenno di Valtellina

Berbenno di Valtellina interpretato da me

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Grey Matter, Maryland

Rockville, Maryland, March 2015

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A Seat With A View

Eyebrook Reservoir is situated in the counties of both Rutand and Leicestershire and this view is from the latter. The boundary line is straight down the middle of the reservoir.

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Many mole hills on the banks of Eyebrook Reservoir.

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Stepping Out of the Shadows

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All Eyes On 3237

Originating in Sydney, a lonely 3237 tackles the grades from Picton as they head to Thirlmere for the 2015 Festival of Steam.

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[Prunus 'Accolade']

gerry.bates posted a photo:


[Prunus 'Accolade']

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Mormon Barn - Capitol Reef National Park

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Tibshelf Ponds (Week 36/52)

I was expecting the light to be better this morning; sunrise that much earlier and a bright sunny day forecast. Even more of a blue cast this week than last; must say I do rather like it.

A couple of hardy fishermen on the far bank, their side of the pond was sheltered from a very cold, cutting wind which was straight in my face, didn't hang around for very long. Comparing this week with last week you can clearly see how the wind is disturbing the surface of the water; very calm last week.

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Vancouver City Hall

[Prunus 'Accolade']

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[Prunus 'Accolade']

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Sunset on a Farm